Divesting from White Supremacy: Unraveling to Rebuild


This deep dive, intimate session centres self reflection, locating ourselves and deeply contending with the ways in which we have internalized and invested in white supremacist economic, cultural, social and political ideologies, practices and hierarchies. The workshop explores community accountability practices and models for organizing, as well as ways of knowing and being from the BIPOC margins. Alternative economies, models for justice and ways of teaching, parenting and learning are central themes in the session. This session is ideal for artists, organizers and individuals working on cultivating a strong working knowledge of social justice issues, and who are committed to divesting from white supremacy and decolonizing internally, interpersonally and institutionally.

*Prerequisite: Anti-Oppression 101 OR Anti-Oppression for Artists & Cultural Producers OR working knowledge of Anti-Oppression\Anti-Racism.

Please note: We strive to create a brave space for all participants. In order to help folks make bold moves into progressive thinking and actions, all conversations and material shared during these workshops are strictly confidential and cannot be shared through media of any kind.

  • Wheelchair accessible, with elevator access. There are automatic doors to enter either side of Wychwood Barns where we are located. The door to our studio is wide enough for mobility devices but not automatic.
  • Gender neutral accessible washroom on 2nd floor, wide enough for mobility devices, but with no automatic door. Gendered accessible washrooms on ground floor, wide enough for mobility devices and with an automatic door.
  • Please make all ASL requests in writing to Rania@raniawrites.com at least 10 days before the event to ensure availability of 2 interpreters.

This event is facilitated by award winning artist, anti-oppression educator & B Inc program director Rania El Mugammar.

July 31, 2020

Wychwood Barns, 601 Christine St Second Floor, Toronto