About Us


Who is HeartBeatsHate?

We’re a grassroots, global movement

We believe hate is a choice. To radically oppose hate we choose heart. Our aim is to encourage, engage and equip others to choose heart too. Our membership is open to all. We have no organized religious affiliation and are non-political.

We’re a pro-diversity, anti-bigotry and anti-racism movement

We’re a collection of individuals who believe that together we can triumph over hate in all its forms to make our homes, schools, communities, and the world better.

We're people, just like you

Changemakers. Students. Teachers. Parents. Sisters and brothers. Visionaries. Activists. Community builders. We a diverse group of individuals from all parts of the world working together to stand up, speak out and push back against hate.

Who is HeartBeatsHate?
You are, if you want to be

We would be even stronger if we had you on board. We have no weird initiation rites and membership is free. What does it take? All you have to do is choose heart. Join us.

Alan Quarry


The tipping point was the Unite the Right rally, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Like many others, Alan watched the events unfold on TV and across social media and thought “Someone should do something.” But instead of waiting for someone else to get around to doing it, he decided right then and there to stand up, speak out and push back. With that, HeartBeatsHate was born.

Victoria Ford

Community Engager

Crossing the border to the United States in 2018 with her two friends, Victoria witnessed her first case of overt racial profiling. Her blinders came off and she could no longer not see the multitude of microaggressions and overt hatred that happens each and every day. In joining HeartBeatsHate, Victoria's vision is to create a world full of allies. Individuals who know what it means to listen and stand alongside those who are facing bullying or hatred because of their gender, race, sexuality or any other reason.

Kevin Thomasson


Kevin is committed to making this world better for all. Since starting his first company at age 13, he has combined entrepreneurship, technology, and marketing to help build great organizations while maintaining significant involvement in the community. Kevin is leveraging his network influencers and leaders to help grow the HeartBeatsHate movement.