In this interview segment, Adam Rochon of Onward Media Group chats with Alan Quarry about his passion project, Heart Beats Hate. What sparked the fire in Alan to build Heart Beats Hate and become a vehicle for change. Where did the idea come from and what does he hope to do with Heart Beats Hate in order to see its mission fulfilled within Waterloo Region and beyond.

This video was inspired by the original song 'Line Over Line - A Song for Humanity' and is titled "It's About Time" - a prominent lyric in the song. Line Over Line was written and performed by eleven year old Tristynn St.Denis of St. Clements Ontario and her mom Stefanie as "an expression of hope".

We spoke with Tristynn and Stefanie to learn more about where the idea for the song came from, and these were their words.
"When we first wrote the song, it was the height of the protests for George Floyd. We were moved by the peaceful expressions of so many on the news. Crowds of people, white, black, gay, straight, rich, poor, men, women... each setting aside their differences and past struggles, to draw a line and fight for a united cause. The equal sign (a 'line over a line') represents how we stand alongside one another, when our differences are put aside, and draw lines for what is right, creating a new found equality amongst us."

Together Tristynn and Stefanie want to deliver a strong message speaking out in support of every person feeling the weight of inequality. "Don't be silent about the things that matter. Use. Your. Voice."

Check out Tristynn's YouTube Channel, TristynnTV, for the original music video and the CTV Your Morning News Coverage.


HeartBeatsHate exists as an antidote to hatred. We're here to help others learn a better way forward and spread one simple message: love.

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