Resource Overview

Hate is learned. Children as young as three begin to mimic observed discriminatory and racist behaviours and attitudes from role models: parents, older siblings, teachers and coaches, for example. The following resources and activities have been designed to engage children and youth with opportunities to expand their understanding of others and gain greater insights into how we are all interconnected and interdependent. These lessons help illustrate that racism, sexism and hate are a choice. Through these activities, participants will be encouraged, empowered and equipped to stand up, speak out and push back against hatred. Oh, and fun fact: these lessons work great in a work setting too!


Reading List

Kindness matters. These books (divided by reading level) help underscore the importance of kindness - and the realities of hatred.



Understanding terminology is important. Here's a quick glossary of words and phrases that you should know.


Important Dates

Acknowledging holidays, observances and other key dates throughout the year is a way for lessons about racism and bigotry to be ongoing.