Rainbow Reels Film Festival


Rainbow Reels returns for its 18th Annual Queer and Trans Film Festival.

At this annual festival, you can expect to find film, art, comedy, workshops, parties, and community. Each year they curate engaging and challenging art that aims to break down systemic oppression while celebrating our rainbow community.

By presenting programming of diverse disciplines and genres, Rainbow Reels increases awareness of the many issues that permeate the greater queer/trans community. Events are primarily held for people who live outside the prescribed hegemony of gender binaries, whose sexualities don’t fit neatly into a spectrum or within a heteronormative world, or who are simply just too gay for this planet.

Rainbow Reels is an independent arts collective run by volunteers, local artists and organizers. Through storytelling, they build a rainbow community in Waterloo Region that fights against systemic oppression by showcasing the struggle and beauty of LGBTQ2I people through storytelling.

October 12, 2019

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON. Canada. Various Venues