Unconscious Bias: What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)?


Explore how our thoughts, beliefs and actions can be influenced and reinforced by the media, our experiences and our relationships.

EduThink's “What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?” workshop presents the foundational understanding and importance of diversity and inclusion in conjunction with the dynamics of power and privilege.

This workshop creates a common language and gives participants an overview of diversity and inclusion using experiential learning exercises and discussion along with knowledge checks to gauge understanding. Participants will examine unconscious bias and understand a range of social identities often applied to ourselves and others.

Participants will explore how DEI can impact communities, business environments and personal and professional relationships. We explore how thoughts, beliefs and actions can be influenced and reinforced by the media, our experiences and our relationships. Through this exploration, participants will better understand how their own values, culture and experiences affect interactions with colleagues, attitudes about work, and understanding of others within our communities.

Duration: Half-Day Workshop with a light lunch & networking

Outcomes: Participants will:

  • get an understanding of the dimensions of their power and privilege and how it can be used to promote inclusive environments.
  • have an opportunity to explore their own implicit bias and how it impacts the ways in which they interact with others.
  • learn strategies on how to become champions and ally’s for change.
  • understand inclusive language and how it impacts people across gender and cultures

About the Facilitator, Colleen Sargeant-James:

Colleen has a passion for helping others learn. As a full-time professor at Conestoga College’s School of Business, she challenges her students to discover the leader within and that learning is a lifelong journey. She has more than fifteen years of experience promoting inclusive environments in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Her primary area of training focuses on using real-life situations to diffuse uncomfortable conversations surrounding race, ethnicity and gender. This enables thought-provoking discussions that challenge assumptions and lead to a deeper understanding of power, privilege and the ability to see through multiple lenses. The result is the creation of meaningful dialogue towards diversity, inclusion and creating a shared sense of belonging.

COST: $149

October 24, 2019

Grand Innovations, 96 Grand Ave S, 2nd Floor, Cambridge