Waging Action on Hate and Racism in Hamilton


The Gandhi 150 Conference on hate is inspired by the Gandhian values of nonviolence, well-being of all, and soul force (satyagraha). The conference will focus on an action agenda at the individual, community and institutional levels to counteract the spread of hate and build community solidarity.

Keynote Speaker:Dr. Barbara Perry, Director for Centre on Hate, Bias, & Extremism

Other Speakers

Bernie Farber, Anti-Hate Network

Azeezah Kanji, Noor Cultural Centre

Anthony Morgan, Anti-Black Racism, City of Toronto

Shylo Elmayan, McMaster University

Lenore Lukasik-Foss, Good Shepherd Barrett Centre

Dr. Atif Kubursi, Economic Research Limited

10 ways to fight hate

** Lunch will be provided to registrants**

** Muslim Friday prayer space provided**

** If you need any support in terms of translation of English to French, services will be provided**

October 4, 2019

McMaster Innovation Park, 175 Longwood Rd S, Hamilton