Shine On!

"Today we shine, Tomorrow we shine, The next day we shine some more, The future is brighter, Because we illuminate it." - Cleo Wade

So many traditions and cultures talk about recognizing the light each other. Soul. Essence. Humanity. Whatever you call it, this light is a concept shared around the world. This light shines brighter and is passed along to others with acts of kindness. We shine. We help others shine. They help others shine. The world is brighter - and better.

At this time of year social divides seem to become more obvious. Maybe it’s the different celebrations. Maybe it’s Black Friday mayhem. Maybe it’s realizing all that we have, contrasted to what so many others lack. Maybe, for those of us in colder climates, it’s a longing for warmth. Regardless, we become aware of the differences that surround us and we recognize the need to feed our light. It’s the nudge needed to encourage individuals - like you - to do something.

At HeartBeatsHate we believe in spreading kind. In standing up, speaking out and pushing back against racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, bullying, hatred and violence. In being allies to those who need someone to help them spark their shine. Which is why we’re excited to share our 5 Days of Kindness.

We’ve partnered with 5 local organizations - OneROOF, Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Society, Family and Children's Services of the Waterloo Region, Reception House and Laurier’s Indigenous Student Centres. Each of these organizations works tirelessly all year long to provide services, outreach and support. These services help make life better for others. They inspire us in their work to stand up, speak out and push back on behalf of those they serve.  And so, we’re joining their work and giving back.

Follow along with us as we help spread some kindness in our community. And, please share your own acts of kindness with us on social using #HeartBeatsHateShineOn.

Victoria Ford

Victoria thinks the world could do with a lot more heart. Her goal? To encourage others to stand up, speak out and push back against hatred.