Stand Up, Speak Out, Push Back


An excerpt from the Kitchener Today article posted July 13, 2020:

"‘It is up to us, not governments or traditional institutions to make the world a better place to live,’ said Heart Beats Hate founder, Alan Quarry.

Growing up, he says, Martin Luther King was one of his mentors. “Heart Beats Hate is a riff off that line from Dr. Martin Luther King, ‘Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’”

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Kate Vanderlugt

Bullied growing up, Kate wants to help others learn that there is a better way: kindness. She wants her boys to grow up in a better world, and she believes that her commitment to HeartBeatsHate will help to build that world. One where people aren't bullied for how they look or where they come from. One where we all commit to being kinder, each and every day.