Taking a Stand

"Some people say that we are not doing enough to fight climate change.
But that is not true.
Because to “not do enough” you have to do something.
And the truth is we are basically not doing anything." ~ 
Greta Thunberg


At HeartBeatsHate we’re so inspired by others who have found their strength, sure-footing and voice. Each time someone stands up, speaks out and pushes back it reminds us that this power is within all of us.

Across the world, we’ve seen youth rise up to speak their truths and inspire others to join them. Their causes are varied, but their intentions are the same: change. They want real, lasting change. And, they want it now.

In Sweden, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is reminding each of us that we aren’t doing enough for climate change. That our inaction is an alarming cause for concern for our planet.


It’s just been just over a year since the Stoneman Douglas shooting, and from this tragedy, we’ve seen a new generation of activists declare #enough. They’ve literally taken to the streets as they’ve Marched for Their Lives to inspire others to join them.


Greta and all of the activists around the world illustrate that each of us has the tools we need to make the difference we want to see. We have our voice. We can take a stand. And each stand we take makes a difference. And, when added together, we will change the world."

Victoria Ford

Victoria thinks the world could do with a lot more heart. Her goal? To encourage others to stand up, speak out and push back against hatred.