"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." ~ Dr. Seuss

Alan Quarry cares. He cares a whole awful lot.

In August 2017 something happened that made Alan stand up, take notice and stop waiting. That moment is not a proud one in our recent history, and is proof positive that things are not going as they should.

The Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville wasn’t the first act of overt hatred and violence. It’s also not been the last. But it was the moment when Alan realized inaction was no longer an option.

Charlottesville showed us that hate was swelling. Growing in nerve and confidence. Stepping out into centre stage. And that, at the same time and in equal measure, love and compassion were becoming meek. Taking up hiding in the shadow, waiting for a time to safely return to the light.

“I was watching the news and thought ‘Someone should do something!’ Then I realized I’m someone. So I decided to do something.”

HEARTBEATSHATE is Alan’s something. Through this movement, Alan wants the world to realize that hate is learned, that it is a choice, and that it’s wrong.

HEARTBEATSHATE exists in radical defiance to racism and bigotry,” Alan explains. “We’re here to help people understand that there is a better way forward for all of humanity. A better way to build a positive today and create a more promising tomorrow for all.” That choice? Love.

How do Alan and the HEARTBEATSHATE team hope to help others choose love? First, they seek to encourage people to use caring and sharing as a defense against hate. Then, they seek to enable individuals and groups, through resources and events, to effectively promote positivity in their communities. And, finally, they empower everyone to reject bigotry, racism and hate.

“The biggest energy to any movement is inertia and inaction. It takes energy to move – together we’ve got a whole lot of energy.”

Victoria Ford

Victoria thinks the world could do with a lot more heart. Her goal? To encourage others to stand up, speak out and push back against hatred.