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Ep. 11 - Wanda Deschamps, Founder & Principal, Liberty Co

"So many of the accommodations that our neurodiverse population and our larger disability population have been championing for for years, and have been turned down because they're viewed as expensive or an inconvenience, were put in place overnight when a large part of our workforce had to move home in March. So all the pandemic has done has strengthened my resolve, strengthened my commitment and I would say increased the interest in the awareness of the need to have more inclusive workplaces. And that includes disability. And that disability is a dimension of diversity and diverse workplaces." - Wanda Deschamps

Wanda Deschamps describes being diagnosed with autism at 46 as a relief. After facing discrimination, bias and negative stereotypes throughout her life, she finally had a name for her uniqueness. Her determination to become an inclusion revolutionist, encouraging neurodiversity and gender equality in the workplace, led to the launch of Liberty Co. #women4women is about female positivity, female focus and female support as we envision a gender-equal Canada.


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