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Ep. 12 - Meaghan Martin, Sleep Tight Founder

"I was taken back to that moment because when I got that pair of pajamas, it had been so long since I'd had something so new, so fresh - but it was so warm, so comforting and it brought hope in that moment that things were going to get better from here. And I thought - you know - what if they came into the shelter and safe houses and had a fresh pair of pajamas and they also felt comfort and hope. And that's really how it started." - Meaghan Martin

Meaghan Martin is the founder of Sleep Tight, a campaign that began by collecting pajamas for victims of human trafficking. Sleep Tight quickly grew into a thriving community organization supporting safe-havens that provide shelter and space for healing survivors. Find out how her personal experience with family violence and the foster care system inspired her to be a voice for children and youth in the foster care system.

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