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Ep. 2 - Jennifer Moss - Happiness Expert

“People are dealing with low coping skills already so they’re trying to emotionally tune out - creating a numbness to what’s going on. Which means you also numb the joy, you numb the happiness, you numb the kindness to prevent feeling completely hopeless. So there’s this thing that’s happening right now where we’re creating a numbing contagion - a normalization of a really tough society. And that’s dangerous because we do need to experience the highs and lows. Happiness isn’t the absence of negative emotions…we develop resiliency by going through really challenging situations."

Unlocking Happiness

She's an award-winning author, journalist, speaker and happiness expert.

She's the recipient of the Volunteer Service Award from the Office of President Obama, winner of the UK Publisher's Award for Business Book of the Year, she received the International FemaleEntrepreneur of the Year Award as well as Canadian Innovator of the Year.

Jennifer Moss, author of Unlocking Happiness at Work, joins Natasha McKenty to speak about the importance of compassion and empathy. She helps us understand the power and longevity of an act of kindness – as well as how to avoid passion burnout.

Twitter: @JenLeighMoss
IG: @jleighmoss