The Pulse


Ep. 3 - Emily O'Brien - Founder, Comeback Snacks

“If we don’t hire people with records, we’re limiting the potential of our workforce and our economy and our growth as a country”

Finding Purpose in the Face of Adversity

After spending nearly a year imprisoned at the Grand Valley Institution for Women for drug smuggling, Emily was released with a new outlook and a new business – Comeback Snacks. Early on, she had decided she would serve her sentence with a resolution to change herself. 

Comeback Snacks – “Popcorn so good it’s criminal” was created with a mission to raise awareness of the challenges faced by inmates and to directly support reintegration programs.

She has shaped intentional affiliations with like-minded organizations, currently working on a speaker spotlight series to allow others, like her, a platform to share their turnaround stories. Proceeds from Comeback Snacks’ popcorn sales support initiatives aiming to end the stigma associated with being an ex-con while assisting them with a second chance.

IG: @comebacksnacks
FB: @comebacksnacks