The Pulse


Ep. 4 - Fauzia Mazhar - Executive Director, Coalition of Muslim Women of KW

“It’s easy to talk with people on your side of the fence. People with your perspectives and having your life experiences. But how can we get in touch with people on the other side of the fence? For that, we need to create other kinds of opportunities.” Fauzia Mazhar, describing the objectives of the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW's Brave Space Program

Fauzia Mazhar works tirelessly towards building a society where Muslim women are valued, engaged, and recognized as leaders. Mazhar is the Executive Director of the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW, a federally registered not-for-profit organization. Through the use of honest, open, two-way communication, her coalition addresses racism, discrimination and Islamophobia via bridge-building, community-driven programming.


Twitter: @CMW_KW2010

Facebook: CoalitionOfMuslimWomen.KW

LinkedIn: fauzia-mazhar