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Ep. 7 - Melissa Melnychuk - Community Activist and Content Creator, Director of Business Development Aexos

"The message I try to leave any conversation with is this concept of gentleness and kindness. One, within yourself. And the second, with being kind others. There's such an importance that should be placed on being kind right now as we're going through this. Because no one is doing anything to hurt anybody else. They're doing it because it's what they can handle or what works for them. So you might not align or believe in what somebody's doing right now, but trying to pull away from judgment and pushing for kindness right now is really important. And if I was to leave you with anything it's just this reminder of gentle and kindness for yourself and for other people." - Melissa Melnychuk

Melissa Melnychuk is a certified life coach, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, social media influencer and the Director of Business Development for AEXOS Inc. She's also a mom of 3 and a very active member of the Kitchener-Waterloo community. In this episode she shares her experiences being a mom to biracial children and the discrimination they've faced as a result. Her overarching messaging is so simple that it's almost profound - lead with kindness and gentleness. Always.


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